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age.xml is a free and easy-to-use website label that gives parental control systems information about a website’s age rating – helping you ensure a safer internet for kids.

Easy to install

In most cases, labeling a website for age classification with age.xml takes not more than 15 minutes - and it’s free!


Same age group for the entire world or different age ratings for each country - you decide.

One for all

age.xml labeling standard fits all devices and all parental control systems. It also combines with MIRACLE data standard.

age classification standard


Just use it


Protect kids


No central data


Truly interoperable

One age.xml for your web

Your entire web has the same type of content (and one age rating)? Then you only need to upload one short age.xml file and you’re done. It takes less than 15 minutes. Try it and you’ll be surprised how easy and fast age classification for websites is.

Easy with label generator

You don't have to understand much about the age.xml label format. Use our simple label generator to create an age.xml file and then upload it to your webserver. No further technical skills are needed beyond using a FTP software (e.g. Filezilla) for upload.

Single page rating

You have a website with different content (and different age ratings) on every single page? No problem. age.xml can provide single page age ratings - that parental control systems can read technically. It’s no big deal to install and use.

MIRACLE integrated

The interoperable MIRACLE standard is integrated into age.xml. If you already have a MIRACLE database for your single page content or would like to use a new one to provide more information than just an age rating – it’s not rocket science to connect MIRACLE to age.xml.