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age.xml module for Drupal CMS

Drupal age.xml pluginSingle page rating is easy using our free module (plugin) for Drupal content management systems. Once installed you or your editors can with one click (or even without any click) choose an age group to provide for age classification for every single page of your website.


Why an age.xml plugin for Drupal CMS?

Internet is great for kids and teens. But not all content ist suitable for all ages. The age.xml module for Drupal CMS helps you to show all content to users of appropriate age and block it for the ones not old enough. Using the age.xml plugin for Drupal content managent systems you can provide an age classification of individually on basis of every single page and every Drupal node.

The result of the age.xml plugin for Drupal CMS is an HTTPHEADER (and an HTML meta tag) in format age.xml, age-de.xml and MIRACLE (same one for all). This enables parental control software to get the age classification information you are providing. Using this information parental control filter software are able to show or to block the specific single page.

We provide the age.xml plugin for the still most used Drupal version 7.x, but also for the new and technically very different version Drupal 8.x

Note: If your entire website contains content for just one age group (maybe "from 18 years" or "from 6 years") you don't need this plugin, because you can make age group setting for the entire website - all pages has the same age group -  simply by using our free label generator. Parental control systems / youth protection programs can read this.


Some of the many advantages of the Drupal age classification module:

  • Preselected age - for standard age classification is no click needed, because default is used
  • Inherited age - change the age classification for many pages in Drupal with just one click
  • Node based - ff a single page contains content from different nodes the highest age classification is valid
  • Ready for new content types - if you create new content types add the age field with just one checkbox in the settings
  • Rules and permission - your editors can't change the settings in the age.xml Drupal module
  • Age classification information is cached in Drupal Cache
  • Provides HTTPHEADER and HTMLMETA in age.xml format in parallel


Downloads for Drupal CMS

Before installing the Drupal modules better backup your database and your server files.


IMPORTANT: Generate an age.xml file in addition to the Drupal plugin

To make the Drupal module run you must upload an age.xml file (and maybe country specific age-xx.xml files like age-de.xml or age-nl.xml) to public root of your webserver. It's the same place where robots.txt is located. This age.xml file informs parental control filter software that it should check the HTTPHEADER (or: HTML Meta tag) in age.xml standard on every single page of your website.

This age.xml file (and also age-xx.xml and MIRACLE files) you can create within a few minutes for free using our Label Generator. Important is to select "single page rating with HTTPHEADER" using the label generator. For details ans step by step information see our plugin manuals.


License and warranty

The age.xml modules for Drupal 8.x and Drupal 7.x has a GNU GPL v2 license (Open Source).

We don't give any warranty as long as by law we don't have to. Use the plugins on your won risk. Safe your database before installing the plugin.


It's free - but we would like to ask you for a donation

Parents thank you for supporting a safer internet for kids. We as an non-commercial NGO like to ask you to donate for use of the plugin to finance next updates if you are a commercial user of the Drupal plugin or if you just like what we do for youth protection. Here you can make a donation, tax priviledged in Germany.