Little helper

These little helpers might support you in case of trouble shooting and checking installation of your age.xml:


Check installation of age.xml

You don’t need a tool. Open a browser and type in your domain followed by age.xml like “” - you should see a well-formed XML if your age.xml is installed. If you have country-specific age-xx.xml (e.g. age-de.xml or age-fr.xml), you can check them the same way.



Have you installed HTTPHEADER for single page age rating the right way? Here you can check the headers:


Check server redirection

Parental Control Systems (PCS) often have trouble following a server redirection to an age.xml file which has not been placed on the root of the server but somewhere else. This is because PCS cannot always read .htaccess files. If you need to do a redirection you should do it on the server and not via .htaccess. These tools help you to check redirections:


Check UTF-8 and XML

age.xml files should be saved as UTF-8. Here you can check whether they are UTF-8 and well-formed XML: