Website with one age rating

If your website contains only one age rating for all pages, you are done labeling your website within a couple of minutes. You can use our label generator (see: "Tools") or just copy and change the code below to make an age.xml file.

We recommend using our label generator because it’s easier. This prevents mistakes and you get a MIRACLE file together with the age.xml.

Be sure to use only text editors (NO Microsoft Word!) and save as UTF-8. Then use an ftp software such as Filezilla to transfer the age.xml file to the root of your webserver where, e.g., robots.txt or googlesitemap is already located.


Example of a short age.xml

In this example the website including and all other subdomains is not suitable for minors under 18 years.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- age classification ( -->
   <age-issuer>your company or name</age-issuer>
   <country class="age.xml">
      <label class="website">


 You must at least change to your data:

  • <age-issuer>your company or name</age-issuer>
  • <last-change>2015-03-01</last-change>
  • <default-age>18</default-age>
  • <scope>**</scope>
  • <age>18</age>