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age.xml plugins for CMS and shop systems

We are about to provide plugins and extensions for major open source Content Management Systems (CMS) and open source shop systems.


When do you need an age.xml plugin?

The plugins and extensions are very useful for content provider running websites with content on different pages suitable for different age groups and for shop owners offering products suitable for different age groups. If your entire website or shop has the same type of content (in terms of age classification) you just need one age.xml file on public root of your web server and your are fine.

But if you have single pages with different age groups - install our free extensions for your open source CMS or shop system and age rating of every single page will be just one click for your editors or even no click with default settings. Yes, it's that easy - and it's free.


How does the age.xml plugins work?

Once the extension is installed and setup your editors get a pulldown with age groups (e.g. from 0 / 6 / 12 / 16 / 18 years) on every single page they create in your CMS or shop systems. If the default age for your websites is fine for this specific content they don't have to do anything. But if the specific content might be harmful to minors they just change the age group in the pulldown and save - this page will be blocked by Parental Control Systems.

As an administrator you are able to make settings for the provided age groups (they are  a little different from country to country) and you decide what age supposed to be default for your website and shop.

The age.xml plugin creates HTTPHEADER suitable for age.xml, age-xx.xmll and MIRACLE format with the age settings your editors provided via the page specific pulldown. Parental Control Systems can read this HTTPHEADER and react accordingly.


Don't forget the age.xml file, please!

The age.xml plugins / extensions help you to provide HTTPHEADER with age classification for single pages the easy way. But you still need an age.xml file (and maybe an age-xx.xml like age-de.xml or age-at.xml for country specific rating) that defines for the Parental Control Systems that they have to check HTTPHEADER on every single page of your website.

This age.xml / age-xx.xml files you can create within just a couple of minutes using our free Label Generator on this website (click here). Make sure you enable "Age rating of single pages" and check the checkbox "Activate HTTPHEADER labeling in the age.xml".


Available age.xml plugins, modules and extensions

 If you as a developer or webmaster like to contribute a plugin for another CMS or shop system feel free to contact us, please.