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age.xml extension for Joomla CMS

age.xml for JoomlaDo you use Joomla as a content management system and like to provide information about age classification for single pages of your website? Here is the right extension for Joomla CMS to make age classification very easy with just one click or even wthout it - editors don't need any technical knowledge to use this Joomla extension.

Great thanks from parents for supporting a safer internet for kids and teens.


What does the age.xml Joomla extension?

Using this plugin you get a pulldown on every single page to set individuel age groups with choices like "suitable from 12 years on". The age groups you or your editors can choose from you can define yourself in the extension settings because they differ from country to country. Also you can set a "Preselected age" for your website that is valid if you don't do any changes while saving a new page - no extra click needed.

The age.xml plugin for Joomla CMS provides HTTPHEADER (and HTML meta tags, if necessary) for every single page in standard format of age.xml, age-de.xml, age-xx.xml and MIRACLE (they all use the same format). This tags can be read by Parental Control Systems to make decision to show or to block a specific page of your website to minors.

For more details and specific functionality of the plugin download our manual.


When do you need this age classification extension for Joomla CMS?

You need this plugin if you run a website with content suitable for different ages. Maybe usually your blog posts or editorial articles are suitable for kids but sometimes you post content not good for minors. In for example this cases you change the age classification setting of the single page to e.g. "from 16 years on" for example. Or the other way around: Your Joomla website has a lot of content not really good for minors because of heavy advertising, but you also have a kids section which you would like to set "from 0 years".

If you entire website has the same age group (no matter if "from 0" or "from 18") you don't need this Joomla plugin for age classification. Just install an age.xml file with the setting "from x years" and you are done. Use our free label generator for this. Parental Control Software will take the defined age for the entire website.



Before installing the module backup your database and server files.


IMPORTANT: Don' forget the age.xml file in addition

To enable the settings done by this Joomla plugin for age classification of single pages you need an age.xml file in addition. This file "tells" parental control systems (PCS) / youth protection programs that they should check for an HTTPHEADER contanting age classification information on every single page of your website. Usually parental control tools don't do, but they always check for the age.xml file.

The age.xml file (and also country specific age-xx.xml, if necessary) you can generate within a couple of minutes using our free Label Generator. Select "single page rating with HTTPHEADER" while using the generator, for details see our manual for the Joomla plugin.


License and warranty

The age.xml Joomla plugin is Open Source with GNU GPL (v2) license.

We don't take any warranty (as long as allowed by law), use the Joomla extension on your own risk.


It's free - nice if you donate

We provide the age.xml Joomla extension for age classification for free to allow maximum dissimination. But exspecially if you run a commercial website (or if you like our work) you should support it with a donation, click here. Many thanks!